EMS Week, “Take it, It’s There.”

EMS Week Theme in Providence. "Take it, It's There."


In an effort to bolster the image and improve the morale of EMS providers, The American College of Emergency Physicians started EMS week, and put a lot of effort and resources into it. It's a much appreciated gesture by those of us in the trenches, and I'd like to personally thank those who make it happen.

After years of trying to improve my own morale, and take EMS seriously, the people who call us finally wore me down. Every now and then an emergency, or even a truly sick person calls, and  I remember our mission, and the old skills come back, and one's I've learned but seldom use appear in my mind and I'm able to put them to use. For the most part I have accepted my role as the bottom rung of the emergency services ladder. Remaining sharp while transporting five to ten intoxicated persons to the ER every day, in between calls for poison ivy, flu-like symptoms, torn fingernails and the like is difficult at best, and nearly impossible at worst.

I tell myself that it's not like this everywhere, that somewhere the EMS I envisioned actually exists. Events like EMS Week give me hope that while not perfect, there are people left who still care.

And if they can care, then so can I.



  • Skip Kirkwood says:

    When we decided to settle for the lowest possible educational standards, and to fight every effort to upgrade our profession, this is what is left. It’s not too late to fix the situation, but if we let it go on much longer, somebody is going to step in front of us in line, and take the “good stuff” that is out there just beyond reach.

    People who say “pay me first” don’t have a clue. You make the investment first, then later you get the divided.

  • There are a lot of us who care and are working really hard to improve the profession of EMS. So hold your head up high, I think you do a great job!

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