Are You Real?

If you ever need a little pick-me up I strongly suggest visiting the local Kindergarten class. One of the little rascals actually asked me, "are you real?"

Yes, I am real.

The kids normally see us when things have gone badly. We show up and make the problem go away. At least for us. For them, things are the same as it ever was once we're gone.

So be real. Let them see you, and talk to you, and let them know that we are just people, just like them.

Only bigger.


  • Greg Friese says:

    What book were you reading to the kids?

  • michael says:

    Hi Greg, it was a book called “Michael Recycle.” I actually have a children’s book manuscript under consideration at a publishing house in New York. We’ll see where that goes, in the meantime we could read the dictionary to the kids, they get so excited when we come anything goes!

  • sarah says:

    aw lovely, kids are brilliant at coming up with “words”.
    I’m never happier than getting a little one to wave at a fire engine (not on an emergency), good for them and even better for me and the mums – yep maybe a bit sexist, but hey gotta have some fun in life.
    lollipop in uk

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