Dick Beaters

My friend from The Twilight Zone  http://rescuingprovidence.com/2010/10/twilight-zone-2/ re-appeared today at the Social Security office. Instead of the bologna and mayo torpedo show, this time she simply refused to move. Three State marshals, four Providence police officers, four Providence firefighters, two Rescue people and a couple of security guards couldn't move her. She yelled insults, called us "crackas's, rednecks, monkey faced gorillas," and whatever else came to mind.

My personal favorite came after she slapped my wrist after I put my hands on her in an attempt to get her moving.

"Get those dirty little dick beaters off of me!"

She has a pretty good whack for an old lady, my left dirty little dick beater still hurts.

It took a while, but we got things under control. She's at her doctor's office resting comfortably.

Sure, I could have had her arrested,

or restrained her and dragged her off to the ER for a psych eval…

or just left her with the police.

But after all, I was in The Twilight Zone, and taking her to her Doctor's appointment  in the next town over just made sense.

Some days…

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  • Bill says:

    A perfect example why there are some that should be sent someplace full time at the State expense. I know you don’t want to say but she’s a real gem.

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