Acute MI

Chest pain started @ 10:20

EMS called a@10:30

R-3 on scene @10:35

IV, EKG @ 10:40

asa, 02 and ntg @ 10:42

Transporting @ 10:44

Arrival at ER @ 10:52

Cath lab @ 11:00

Back in service @ 11:15


And that, my friends is my kind of report. Boo Ya.




  • tbones says:

    Nice when it works out like that Mike. Bask in it. The next cluster*$# is always around the corner. ..
    Stay safe and sane.

  • Lesleyfish says:

    Boo yah indeed!
    A cool report, and a very impressive timescale…here’s hoping someone’s that efficient if it ever happens to us, eh?

  • Good work. Fortunately for the patient it happened on the day tour, not in the middle of the night. The cath lab time would be longer.

    I know I’ve asked and you’ve answered before, but no Morphine?

  • Chris Buechele says:

    Great job indeed. I was curious about the morphine myself, but also what did the 12 lead show.?

  • Michael Morse says:

    Thanks for the interest in the post, always appreciated feedback. I’m working on a more detailed description for an article that will appear in one of the EMS magazines in the near future, more info then!

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