Gimmie Shelter

There's multiple gunshot victims near Manton Avenue, we're going in. The police are still responding, bodies strewn across two streets, yellow tape cordons off some areas, others are left open. It's about eleven at night, the city is just waking up.

I can't help myself when The Stones Gimmie Shelter comes on the radio, and turn it up. I can still hear the radio transmissions, another victim under a porch, a fourth lying on some stairs, the fifth propped up against a parked car. I see mayhem through the windshield as we slowly approach, and turn the radio up a little louder.

It's just a shot away…

Sometimes I think I'm living a motion picture, acting a part, and none of this is real.

Then I get the kid in the rescue, and count the holes, and put the 02 mask on and get to work.


  • Bob Lincoln says:

    Only had 2 shooting victims in 7 years. The first had five small black holes in his back, I’m guessing a .22. He had a phony story about hitchhiking and the driver shooting him as he fled. The other had a graze mark tunneled the length of his back that he got as he dove. The other EIGHT slugs went through his living room window, some cutting grooves across the ceiling. I couldn’t help but wonder as we stood in plain view in front of the window, if the shooter would dare swing by again.

  • Mike Ward says:

    Thanks Mike, TWO songs that will be stuck in my head while testing EMT students tonight!!

    I appreciate the feeling like you are in a movie …. “Bringing Out the Dead”?

    Stay low!

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