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The News

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If you live around Providence, and pay attention to the news,  you may hear about the elderly man who was hacked up by a machete'. The juicy part will be that the machete' wielder was the elderly man's grandson. You might  hear about the shooting on Admiral Street. That kid was shot in the leg, […]

EMS Week, “Take it, It’s There.”

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EMS Week Theme in Providence. "Take it, It's There." In an effort to bolster the image and improve the morale of EMS providers, The American College of Emergency Physicians started EMS week, and put a lot of effort and resources into it. It's a much appreciated gesture by those of us in the trenches, […]

Neutrilization Options-THE EMS

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Just to prove once and for all that I'm an idiot, I let my alter ego take over now and then.   Attention All Operatives: As you may or may not be aware, The Director of THE EMS is the original undercover boss, and as such works alongside field medics. It has come […]

Stuck in the Middle

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I think somebody from one of the colleges around here's Women's Water Polo Team was sick, or drank too much, or something. Teams stick together, and if I remember correctly, the team wanted to go with their friend to the ER. I'm pretty sure it was late, and they were dressed for the clubs, and […]

“They Drink”

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  The night had such promise; a cocktail party at the cigar bar, evening attire, martini's and hors de' vours. The remnants of the night were not so pretty, bloody face, smeared mascara, torn party dress, passed out husband, police and rescue in their luxury apartment. "They drink," her neighbors explained. "Every day."     […]


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From The Director of THE EMS Beginning today, and extending forever, the practice of calling 911 to have emergency services personnel dispatched to your restaurant, convenience store, doctor's office or any public place of gathering for any of the following…   Having a person who fell and is uninjured "checked" Having a person who […]


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It's not the uniform, it's the person who wears it. That little gem of insight came to me yesterday as I drove to work while listening to the Red Sox game. Tim Wakefield was in the booth talking between pitches. I found my self lost in a bit of nostalgia as they talked about the […]


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"Rescue 3, Respond to The Johnny Lydon Elementary School for a knee injury." "Rescue 3, responding." It's nine, I'm hungry, fourteen hours deep into a twenty four. Haven't eaten since five, when I wolfed down a bowl of leftover gruel from the lunch I missed. It was cold, and difficult to eat while driving from […]

For John and Kellie

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  Dedication I dedicated "Responding" to John and Kellie.  Both were students at one of Providence's colleges. I'll never forget either of them. John,  Chapter 1, from  "Rescuing Providence."   0230 hrs   “Rescue 1, are you available?” “Roger, what have you got?”  “Respond to Providence College for a student who has fallen […]

Dead Guy in an Alley

Overheard at Home   "You don't look so hot." "I don't feel so hot." "What' s the matter?" "Just sick." "You never get sick." "I'm getting old." "Doesn't matter." "Had a call the other night, guy dead in an alley. It was freezing, and raining and I forgot my jacket. It took forever to get […]

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