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Through the Cracks

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Sometimes something makes it through the cracks in the cement, and reaches for the sky, oblivious of the litter and broken glass surrounding it Somehow, it  manages to grow, and avoid being trampled by the hundreds of footsteps that  blindly pass An opening appears, some light and warmth breaking through the concrete, and it takes […]

The Courtyard

It's a bit chilly, a steady drizzle adds to the misery and I have forgotten to bring a jacket. The day was just so nice it never even occurred to me. As night fell, and the tempature dropped, making things miserable I regretted my lack of foresight even more. Anonymous male didn't forget a jacket. […]

The Adventure of the Missing Undies

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Sherlock Holmes sat at his desk, in the easy manner in which I had become accustomed, his hand lazily roaming over the mousepad, his eyes half closed. It appeared that he was dozing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having just returned from the field after successfully solving the Siberian Potato Mystery, Holmes was […]


They're kids, barely out of high school. She said she had fallen into the water, struck her head and sank to the bottom. He says it's true, thought she wasn't coming back. She's shivering, asks for a blanket. I wrap her up and listen to her story. It goes on for a while, a rambling […]

Jerry Springer, EMT

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A lot of thoughts run through my mind during an "emergency." It's difficult prioritizing things. I need order, and there is only so much space between my ears to process the vast amount of information I'm bombarded with during an incident. Today's dilemma finds me in a first floor apartment on Smith Street. The occupant […]

Yard Bird

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The chief appears, it's weird how he does that, one minute empty space, the next-he's just there. He snoops in the grocery bags that litter the counter, grimaces, walks away in disgust muttering something about "yard bird, yard bird yard bird! I'm going to sprout feathers with all this yard bird!" I hear a door […]

Things We Know Just Ain’t So

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I’m not a big fan of blaming “The Media” for the distorted reality we find ourselves living in…

I Fought the Law

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He's forty-two, sitting in a chair in a lush lawyer's office downtown, eyes vacant, body limp, brain frazzled from the after-effects of his latest seizure. His wife stands near him, nervous, lost, afraid. I have no idea why they are in a lawyers office, but have my ideas. The wife is nicely dressed, doing a […]

Mark Steinert

Marine, Firefighter, Father, friend. Lets get this guy the votes he needs! Follow the link and vote, it's not that hard.


Without integrity, we have nothing. Our word must be more valid than every contract ever written and signed. A handshake needs to be more binding than law, more important than words. Honor and decency are not words to be used as tools when needed, rather they must be the embodiment of something created by real […]

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