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Homeless Bill of Rights

Do the homeless need a Bill of Rights?   R.I. Gov. Chafee signs first-in-nation 'homeless bill of rights' R.I. Gov. Chafee signs first-in-nation 'homeless bill of rights' By Philip Marcelo PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Governor Chafee has signed legislation providing Rhode Island with a first-in-the-nation "homeless bill of rights" to protect people who are homeless from […]


Entry Img By: Parker Gavigan | NBC 10 Published: June 28, 2012 »  Comments | Post a Comment Beginning Aug. 27, the towns of Johnston and North Providence and the city of East Providence will no longer send ambulances to Rhode Island's capital city. Officials from all three municipalities held at a joint news conference Thursday […]


I've been listening to people complain about the illegal immigrants for a while now, people comfortable in their warm, or cool homes, with enough money in their checkbooks to pay the bills with a little left over, a TV or five, mobile device with the $200.00 a month plan, a few cars in the driveway […]

PROVIDENCE Firefighter

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Times are tough, relatively speaking, for firefighters. Station closings, manpower reductions, aging apparatus and equipment, tattered uniforms, brownouts, layoffs and pay cuts, pension reductions and healthcare concessions are taking their toll on even the most optimistic among us. Nevertheless, I always manage to find a way to mention that I'm a firefighter whenever the chance […]


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So, the wedding is over, I've got some time to kill and god forbid I do so on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in hand. Make a long story short, my "other" life consists of helping run a tanning salon. One of the booths wasn't getting enough juice, well, actually it was, but […]

The Walk

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Final words of wisdom on the way to her future. Not quite sure what I said, but she was smiling. And so was I.

June 22, 2012 Brittany and Eric

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Remember Brittany? (January, 2010) "I’m dog tired and look it. I can feel the bags under my eyes dragging my face to the pavement. People pass, I barely look at them, just enough to avoid contact. I’m isolated, lost in my thoughts, just trying to make it home. A pizza I ordered waits for me […]


Funny thing about comments, I have more trouble responding to them than I do writing the posts that prompt them. Don't know why, but when it comes to thinking of response to something that somebody took the time and effort to say, I get a severe case of writers block. But I do appreciate them, […]

The Running Boy Adventure

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As I busied myself with the mundane task of treating the good people who needed medical attention but could afford it not…

The French Raise

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Overheard in the triage area of Roger Williams Hospital , nearing the end of a long shift, as a patient waited on our stretcher to be transfered to the theirs:   "The back goes up with the button, but to raise it you need manual." "I need a manual to raise it?" "No, it's a manual raise." […]

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