Funny thing about comments, I have more trouble responding to them than I do writing the posts that prompt them. Don't know why, but when it comes to thinking of response to something that somebody took the time and effort to say, I get a severe case of writers block.

But I do appreciate them, and get a little worried when a post goes without. Must be some innate insecurity, throwing these stories and thoughts out for the world to see and disseminate doesn't come naturally, as a matter of fact, in "real" life I don't have much to say at all.

So, thanks for reading, and especially leaving a comment now and then, I read and appreciate them all.


  • Cath says:

    I don’t blog, I only read. And leave comments from time to time. And that’s a bit scary, too. You want to show the person you appreciate his writing, and thank him for sticking his head out for us to laugh at. You want to be (at least mildly) funny or interesting, not ironic, cruel or trollish. And there’s always the fear that you’ll appear ignorant and stupid. Or, heaven forbid, be thought a stalker. And don’t get me started on cultural differences… Sometimes, it feels safer to enjoy in silence. But I really do enjoy them all 🙂

    Wouldn’t it be easier for all of us if we didn’t think so much?

  • Johnnie says:


    I enjoy reading your stories. As a person who has been in EMS for over 20 years it is good to find that there are others out there with the same feelings, and thoughts on the world. I guess in many ways your reading your blog is therapeutic for me. I read many of your posts and identify. I should probably comment more often, just to say thanks. Thank you for sharing and keep fighting the good fight on all fronts.

  • Pat Blackman says:

    Just imagine if you had to be the guy who made your “comment responses” with a quill pen and parchment! Now that would be a drag. LOL. Seriously Michael. We love your answers. Keep up the good work. Love, Pat.

  • Seth says:

    ” as a matter of fact, in “real” life I don’t have much to say at all.”

    I beg to differ, sir.


  • tbone says:

    Hi Mike. I read them almost daily during down times. I only comment occasionaly because I often think theres nothing I can say other than thanks. You provide me with many aha moments. Like Cath said, leaving a comment sometimes makes me feel foolish or have nothing to add but thanks.
    So Il will leave it at that. Thank you for your thoughts and as always stay safe.

  • Lynda M O says:

    Commenting on your request for comments…. I read everything you write because I am subscribed and each and every post comes up (most recent first if I get behind) at your actual blog because I use Google Reader’s “Next” link. For a long time I read everyone in the Reader itself but then in order to comment I had to go to the actual blog anyway. This way I get to see each blogger’s personality and how they use it on their site.

  • sarah says:

    Sometimes words fail me (haha that’s a first for me) when I read you (every day).
    But I do tell anyone who will listen about your blog.
    Best wishes and thanks.

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