So, the wedding is over, I've got some time to kill and god forbid I do so on a beach somewhere with an umbrella drink in hand.

Make a long story short, my "other" life consists of helping run a tanning salon. One of the booths wasn't getting enough juice, well, actually it was, but what the hell, everything could use MORE POWER, so your illustrious Rescue Captain turned business owner decides that electricians are overrated, and how hard could it be to bypass a buck boost transformer and tie directly into the main panel? All I had to do was shut off the main, unhook the main cable from the street to the buck boost transformer, bypass that and go directly into the panel.

Easy as pie.

Hours later, as I lie in bed, burn marks on my toes and finger tips, and the heel of my left foot, the thought of how close i came to instant death from electrocution dawned on me. Had my heart peen polarized when I touched the main power line accidentally against something metal, and sparks flew, and I went flying that probably would have been it for old Captain Morse.

The guys from EMS 12-Lead  http://ems12lead.com/ would have a ball with my EKG I bet.

Time for a little rest, bye now. (and electricians are definitely not overrated)


  • Bob Lincoln says:

    Ouch.  Hope you heal well.
    Our extrication instructor in EMT school told us of an off-duty Warwick FF killed when he moved a downed wire off a car that a lady was trapped in.  The breaker on the pole was open, but he forgot about automatic-closing breakers, and it hadn't done its 3rd try yet.  It did, with him.
    He told us to let the power company handle it all, and if they tell you it's safe, tell them to go lick the cable.

  • Mike Ward says:

    Geeze, Mike …
    Hope that you are OK.  There are other ways to increase readership (grin).

  • Lynda M O says:

    Oh boy, I hope that you heal cleanly and fully and that the lesson learned is transmitted to as many young people as you can get it to. A woman I know LOST Both Arms as a kid touching a panel-it's only safe for the guys with the correct training to handle.
    Hope you fell better soon.

  • Lyn - you know who says:

    4 letters…..A  L  O  E ……. feel better Michael

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