PROVIDENCE Firefighter

Times are tough, relatively speaking, for firefighters. Station closings, manpower reductions, aging apparatus and equipment, tattered uniforms, brownouts, layoffs and pay cuts, pension reductions and healthcare concessions are taking their toll on even the most optimistic among us.

Nevertheless, I always manage to find a way to mention that I'm a firefighter whenever the chance presents itself. Not only that, but my city, Providence, on the verge of bankruptcy, plagued with fires, nightly, and now daily shootings and murders is always mentioned proudly as well.

Being a firefighter is good. Being a PROVIDENCE Firefighter is even better. I hope every firefighter feels the same about their department, because at the end of the day, what matters most are the people beside you, and backing you up. The department is us, the people who put on the uniform, and the turnout gear and make it to work every day, and do their best regardless of all the nonsense that surrounds us. And if it isn't something that you feel great about, it may be time to move on.

So, when somebody asks me what I do for a living, I tell them. I'm a firefighter. In Providence. And it still feels great to say it.

Even the best politicians will never be able to take that away.

It's forever. A lot of people have said it before me, and generations will repeat it long after I'm gone.


  • BGauvin says:

    Well said Mike….unfortunately, not everyone feels the pride anymore.

  • Mike Clark says:

    Mike, i have been traveling with the software company lately and people always ask me where im from and what i do.  You know we do talk funny as Rhode Islanda's…..  Anyway, I am always proud to say i retired from the Providence Fire Department! 

  • Pat Blackman/Grandma Muggle says:

    Mike Clark.  Thank you for your service to the city of Providence and it's people!  Enjoy your reitrement.  Michael, thank you for being there for us every day or at least almost every day.  Just thought you'd like to know that my Daddy felt just as you do.  I often heard im say that he was a "Providence Firefighter and proud of it."   I have been surounded since childhood with the best bunch of peole possible in the world.  Lucky old gal, that's me.  🙂   Love you Michael.  Bye for now.

  • Steve DeNinno says:

    Mike, so right.  I've been retired 7 years now and teaching for 4.  But I am and will always be a Providence fire fighter!  When my students ask, I never hesitate to tell them what I've done!  Although lately we have been blamed for everything from the economy to the tsunami, for 26 years, no matter how hard, hot, cold, or runs after midnight, I considered myself the luckiest guys in the world.

  • michael says:

    Still feels great, even on the rescue!

  • Keith 'Gus" Grant says:

    MIke…there are only so many guys on this planet who can put what we do into words. You are one of the best and we are damn glad you represent what we do or did on a daily basis for these many years.
    For those of us who can't ride the red truck anymore….it's bittersweet to keep beating the drum for those who don't get it or don't care about our active brothers and sisters. I too am very proud to say I was Providence Firefighter and will never forget where I came from or the people I worked with.
    Keep fighting the fight bro. You are a mentor and leader to many whether you realize it or not.

  • Michael Morse says:

    Wow, thanks Gus, seems like yesterday I started at Lasalle Square with you and the rest, John Broome, Mike Keefe, people who I don't see but think of often, all said, I wouldn't change a thing, it's been a great ride. Thanks for that mentor-leader thing, not so sure about that but I'll take you word for it. Glad you're still reading, stay cool down there!

  • Old Jake says:

    Mike I have to tell you, Whenever I'm asked what I do I tell people I am a retired Firefighter from the city of Providence.  I am proud of the organization I was a part of.  The men that I served with and the runs we made.  I think we made a small difference.  I think of my class , Sugar Bear Jarvis Manny Costa, John "Gramps" Raposa, Johnny Badessa, John Keefe, and many others I am PROUD to say I served with these men.  We are the Providence Fire Department, we always will be part of the Job.  You will never take that away from us.  Untill the day we die.

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