I've been listening to people complain about the illegal immigrants for a while now, people comfortable in their warm, or cool homes, with enough money in their checkbooks to pay the bills with a little left over, a TV or five, mobile device with the $200.00 a month plan, a few cars in the driveway and a reasonably good chance of finding employment that keeps them up to date. I listen, and don't say much, in large part because I share their frustration with the present situation. Things are grim, and don't look to be getting better. It takes an industrious mind and able body to keep up with today's demands.

That being said, could somebody please explain to me how illegal immigrants come here in droves to "do the jobs American's won't do," yet there is over 11% unemployment here in Rhode Island? And RI has more illegals than most. And more unemployed than most.

Something's fishy.

So when I hear people complain about the illegals, I can't help but think how clueless they are, and just how separated our country is. I spend a lot of time in the inner city, ind have interacted with people of all kinds, illegals, legals, crooks and criminals, the pious and saintly, rich, poor, homeless and overhomed.

Overhomed, that's a good one. You would be amazed at how the percentage of complaints about "the illegals, loungeabouts, welfare frauds and bums" come from "The Overhomed."

Space is a wonderful thing, it insulates us from our fellow man, allows us to drink, and cheat, and beat and abuse our kids all with nobody the wiser. There's comfort in the big house with the acre's of land as a barrier from the rest of society. Nobody knows what goes on in the vast expanse of wealth, or how it comes about.

I suspect that a lot of our problems have a lot to do with what goes on behind those opulent doors, rather than what goes on in the inner city, where there are so many people living oon top of one another that not much goes on without everybody knowing it.

People are people, and they will do what they must to survive. I have more respect for an illegal immigrant who risked everything to find work, and is willing to sacrifice creature comforts for the hope of a brighter future than I do a person living in comfort complaining about people who are here because there is opportunity.

Where that opportunity originates, and what motivates the low wages and tax dodging, and contributes to the overall disease that has permeated our country is the question.

My guess is it isn't coming from the powerless minions who slave away for low wages doing the work that Americans wont.


  • nancy says:

    I work in the city as a visiting nurse and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The need that is there and the lack of assistance for the poor who's needs are often overlooked is heartbreaking to see and also an inspiration to all of us who have so much more and complain the most.

    • Michael Morse says:

      It's truly amazing when you see up close the poverty that exists. Just as amazing is the fraud and system abuse. There has to be a happy medium.

  • Steve says:

    As a kid, we knew our neighbors like family and hung out all the time.  Now I live in an apartment complex for seniors and disabled, with nice common areas, and no one gets along!  Some of that is dementia, rearing its ugly head, but mostly it's just the 'better than you' syndrome…. I can't bother to be friends, 'cuz I'm so much better than you!  My mate and I had a nice home, a wonderful family and everything we could need or want!  And those illegals are taking our riches away!!!!!
    Of course, most of the folks are divorced, their kids don't visit, and their friends are dead or in similar situations.  FD and rescue visits our complex almost daily, often for falls but sometimes for re-assurance for a lonely soul.
    Sad, but this is the new 'older' AMERICA.

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