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International Fire/EMS Safety and Health Week

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  Follow the link above for some great resources concerning your Safety and Health. Remember, it's not just the smoke and fire that gets you, there are many ways that stress creeps up on us, sinks in and doesn't let go-until we let it.   Friends   Rescue 1 rolled into the rescue bay at […]

Some Night!

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It's a long 24 hour shift when the calls are relentless, which is pretty much all the time. It was closing in on midnight, we had been working since 0700, myself at the helm of Rescue 5, my partner spent his day at Ladder 5 in the city's South Side, but was detailed to the rescue for […]

Father’s Day

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In honor of Fathers Day, and considering the fact that I've been in The Capitol City since five o'clock last night, and will be here until 0700 Monday Morning, and also due largely to the fact that Rescue 5 has logged fifteen (15) runs since that time, (8 before midnight, seven after)  I hereby decree that […]

EMS World, Stories From the Streets

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I 'd appreciate it if you followed the link to EMS World, my latest EMS essay is there. "Like" it, if you do, and pass it along if you really do. As always, thanks for reading.

Testing Drugs

Entry Img Marijuana is now "decriminalized" in Rhode island. I love the proponents of this bill describing marijuana as a "harmless" drug, or one that lessens the pain of chronic sufferers. Medical marijuana has been promoted for years, and lawmakers have touted the drug's ability to lessen the pain and nausea of cancer patients, among others. […]


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From the Director: PSA # 7 Rule # 1 of THE EMS                         Remember it. That is all! (thanks, Carol)

It is there, and I am here.

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It is there, and I am here. Getting from here to there is my only thought, my only hope, my salvation.  I've gotten close enough to smell what they offer twice, the pungent aroma of freshly ground French Roast spilling onto Wickenden Street, quickening the pace of passers-by, putting a skip in the pace of […]


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The fire was out for the most part, smoke lingered, hot spots hid inside walls and the firefighters went looking for them. It takes a while, and it's hard work on a sultry afternoon, humidity nearing 90% with the temperture still in the eighties. I watched and listened as company after company radioed their reports […]

Vampyros XVII Drifting

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Summer came to an end, as it always does.  Leaves turned color, each day their brilliance fading, and flowers went to seed as the birds prepared for their exodus. I walked through the Vermont countryside, watching the cycle of life and feeling my own existance weaken as age crept upon me. During my wanderings, I […]

Battle of the Blogs (again)

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About a week ago, California Casualty, an insurance company that specializes in insuring Police Officers, Nurses, Teachers and Firefighters informed me that Rescuing Providence had been chosen as a finalist in their Battle of the Blogs contest. Being a veteran of a few ill-fated blog contests, I was reticent to participate. Then, I found […]

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