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Butterfly Net

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Her eyes peered from under the wig that had slipped down her forehead, cautious and wary, ready to fight. "What are you doing in my house!" she shouted. It was a million dollar home nestled on a private lot in the city's East Side. "I'm here to take you to the hospital." "NEVER!" She retreated […]

Picking Blueberries

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Live in the moment they tell me. But what if the moment I'm living in sucks? It's seven-thirty at night, I'm hungry, dinner is my job tonight, Cheryl is working, and I'm just now getting to the supermarket. I just need a couple of sweet potatoes to go with the steaks and spinach I bought […]

Field Trip

Entry Img The Mayor and Commissioner learned something about firefighting today, and the news was there to capture the story. Kudos to Mayor Tavares and Commissioner Pare for trying, but a day of training is little more than a field trip, and should not be mistaken for anything more than what it is. I'd like to […]

Rolling IV

The question of whether on not she was having a heart attack was answered quickly enough. I saw the elevated ST segments as soon as the four leads were on and the transmission flashed on the screen. Two of her daughters accompanied us from their home, one crying, the other translating. "She was sitting on […]

Morale Boost: Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot, Chicken Pot Pie!

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Morale is everything at the firehouse. It could mean the difference between a job, and a calling. When things are good, there is no better place to be on earth than a lively fire station. The banter starts in the morning over the coffee pot and continues all day, through EMS runs, box alarms, fires […]


People who call 911 are not customers. They did not shop around looking for the best deal, they didn't Google us, we did not solicit their business and they most definitely did not save their pennies so they could afford what we offer. When people need us, we deliver. That is the way. The only […]


Entry Img They got her to the door and that was as far as she would go. Stepping outside was out of the question, she knew that once she made that move, all would be lost. There was a lot to lose in the three decker on Harvard Street, over fifty years worth of things, enough […]

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