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The Rhode Show

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Never one to pass on an opportunity to talk about myself, I appeared on "The Rhode Show" this morning to plug my books, Rescuing Providence and Responding. The first book got all the attention, but that's okay, I appreciate the opportunity and thank the producers and everybody at WPRI 12 for the invite. Both books […]

Simpleton’s Lazagna

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The bears are hungry, I’m hungry, everybody’s hungry. It’s six-thirty, looks like take-out. But wait! I have a plan.

Check, Please!

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If I had a nickel for every time a person who had been involved in a minor car accident asked for an ambulance, (or Rescue as we Rhode Island Folks like to call them) to take them or their little ones to the ER to "be checked," even though they had no injuries, I'd have […]

Blood Money

She was getting ready to close for the night when a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt appeared suddenly at the drive-thru window. Instead of stepping back, the girl tried to stop him from prying open the window with a screwdriver. She failed. He forced the window open and went for the cash drawer. Again she […]

For all the Little Firefighters!

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I am Captain Burns. My friends call me Blowtorch!


Captain Hawkins from Rescue 6 told me when they pin the Captain's bars on my collar they took the last brain cell out of my head. Maybe that explains it. Four months now and I still haven't accomplished a thing, other than the usual rig a marole. I figured I'd have the office squared away, […]


Entry Img Lying on the cement, handcuffed, foaming at the mouth and speaking rapid fire gibberish is our latest hero to ascend to the summit of K2. It's not a lengthy climb from sanity to delusion once the substance enters the bloodstream, the trip only takes a few minutes, but could last for hours. I thought […]


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My friend Todd left a comment on my last post, advising me to move on to a Ladder Company, less stressful I think his message was. He should know, nearly twenty years in the trenches gives a guy a lot of wisdom. But less stressful? Ha! My guess is Ladder 2 had a little […]

Maybe I Should

I crawled out a window, and there she was. She looked peaceful, almost, once you got past the contorted limbs and pool of blood that had formed under and around her. There was no grimace on her face, no look of doubt frozen for eternity, no expression at all, really.  She must have been holding her […]

Dr. Asshole

Overheard in Trauma Room 3: "What happened?" "We were called for a man down, found this guy lying in the bushes, he has some old signs of trauma, appears intoxicated, is combative and uncooperative." "Sir, are you in any pain?" "You're an asshole." "He's been saying that since we found him. He punched a firefighter, […]

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