5 Stages

The Five Stages of Overnight, Overtime Shifts


0100-Denial and Isolation

"Rescue 5, Respond to 99 Kennedy Plaza, at Bus Stop K for an intoxicated male."

"Him again! Impossible! We already took him in twice today! I'm just not going to respond, nobody will notice, I'll just lay here and not go. Yup, that's what I'm going to do. Three times in one day! I can't believe this…

"5 Responding…"



"Rescue 5, respond to 100 Broad Street, Room 1273 for a female who has fallen."

"Arrghhh! Every night she calls! Falls out of her wheel chair and calls us! A thousand people live in the place and nobody can help her! Unbelievable!

"5 Responding…"




"Rescue 5, respond to Thayer Street for an intoxicated male."

"Hmm, I know, I'll call fire alarm, tell them to hold me out of service for decon. No, that won't work, I know, somebody rang the bell looking for medical assistance. The truck won't start. I fell getting out of bed. I'm not answering calls, oh never mind!

"5 Responding…"




"Rescue 5, Respond to The Tockwotten Home for a ninety year old female vomiting with diarrhea, diabetic history with C-diff, Hep-C, MRSA and TB."

"I cannot possibly respond to this call. One more nursing home and I think I'll have to quit. Can't do it, won't do it, just can't. Woe is me, it hurts just standing, I'll never make it, I'm doomed."

"5 responding…"




"Rescue 5, Respond to 353 Blackstone Boulevard, at the assisted living center for a person not breathing."


"Rescue 5, on the way!"












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