why is he yelling what did we do we're here to help why does this always happen oh great there he goes kicking and punching gotta get  him before he hurts somebody wow that hurt too old for this in close grab the arms watch the feet fuckers spitting stay away don't want to get but wiry one strong for a little guy guess hes not all that little just seems it christ he stinks gonna take a week to get the stink off of me shit I hate spit get him down tie him to the stretcher one limb at a time this most definitely is not my job am I bleeding better not be bleeding if anybodys bleeding it better not be me but hes out of control these people can't handle him theres the cops great maybe they'll tazer him not nutty enough ha he was till we tired him out here he goes again wish he'd quit banging his head on the glass it might break and Ill have to clean it up sit on him keep him down notify security stop screaming for gods sake stop screaming how far too far tired of this shit just tired of it no way this guy is this crazy playing with us looking for something gonna get it spitting biting thrashing screaming get the hell out of my truck get him to room 6 put the restraints on get him off my stretcher get him away from me let him scream in somebody elses head


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