"Well this ain't the right thing to do, so let's go."

Iggy Pop

Familiar scenario, all Providence rescues occupied, myself with "Michael," a regular intoxicated male making his fifth call for "Man Down" this week.

"Any rescue to clear?" comes the familiar plea from Fire Alarm, but this time there's a little urgency in Gerry's voice.

Silence on the airwaves.

"Engine 14, respond to 323 Atilla Avenue for an unconscious four-year old bleeding from the head."

"Any rescue to clear?"


"Fire alarm to Engine 14, that child is under a television that fell from a bureau."

Fuck it.

"Rescue 5 to Fire Alarm, we're responding to Atilla with an extra rider."

We put "Michael" in my seat and responded. The kid was indeed unconscious and bleeding  with a Sony Trinitron two hundred pound behemoth broken nearby. We worked him up and hot him to the ER. Michael watched, fascinated. He says he won't be calling us anymore.

We'll see.



  • If "Michael" does in fact stop calling you, I am putting you in for the Joseph R. Schmoe Firefighter of the Year award.
    Superior service through innovation!

  • tbone says:

    Good call. Once in a great while experience and wisdom trumps policy. If not, take the wife out and enjoy the suspension day, if it comes to that. I would expect anybody with two years on the job to make the same call but im often dissapointed with stuff like that.

  • Old Jake says:

    Knowledge, experience and courage make you who you are.  If they were to supend you I will stsnd next to you as they read the charges!   I will verbally respond.  I could probably get another 50  folks to cover.  

  • AJ says:

    I am in Awe!! That is just awesome!!

  • Michael Morse says:

    That was a "good" call. The kid is okay, very lucky. Michae, not so sure!


    Thanks for the comments, always appreciated.

  • PGS says:

    Michael, you made the right call and you (like so many of us so many times before) illustrated the risks that come with an EMS unit being tied up with nonsense when they might be needed for a real emergency. Bravo to you for your courage to do what was right regardless of whether or not policy allowed it!

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