Caring Quilt

I found out about Noah through my friend Chris Kaiser,, one of the blogging pioneers whose work often inspires the content at Rescuing Providence.

After reading the post, I dug through some things and found three different Providence Fire Department patches and forwarded them to Noah. Then, like most things these days I proptly forgot about it. Noah did not. Every day he is reminded how fragile our existence, how fleeting our presence here on earth and how quickly we can be "taken off the truck" then put back into it, only in a far different capacity.

Medics are the ultimate worst patients. I have adamantly refused to be boarded and collared not once, but twice, refuse to cooperate when some newbie wants to stick me and pretty much make life miserable for the poor souls that have the misfortune of treating me. (Three times, maybe someday I'll tell those stories)

Noah is surviving our worst fear, weeks, months and years of being "one of them," a patient!

This kids got crust. And a nice quilt. I'd take him on as a partner all day long.


This came in the mail this morning:


"This thank you arrives with great appreciation and gratitude for your contribution to Noah's quilt project. We received over 700 patch donations and were overwhelmed with the awesome response and well wishes from around the world, The Fire and EMS community is a wonderful place to be, truly a family of its own. All patches and notes have been given to Noah. He has a wonderful "caring" quilt, and an amazing collection of patches and letters of support nicely displayed in albums. Noah and his family, along with Durand Fire and EMS would like to thank you for supporting him on his road to recovery. He is currently working with his new leg and will be receiving his new arm soon. His dreams of completing his paramedic class (he had two months left at the time of his accident) and finding work in the Fire/EMS field is becoming closer to a reality.

With much appreciation,"

Kim Steward

Fire Chief

WCFPD # 1 Durand


I am honored that The Providence Fire Department is represented on the "Caring Quilt." The Fire/EMS family truly is a wonderful thing to be a part of. Noah, through his steadfastness reminds me to embrace every shift, every call and every minute that I'm part of it.

Thank you, Noah, and Chief Steward, for the thoughtful note. It truly means more than you will ever imagine.




  • Pat Blackman/Grandma Muggle says:

    What an amazing young man.  He is in the thoughts and prayers of my family and my Little Muggles.    Thanks for sharing Michael.

  • Noah Filer says:

    Thank you!!! Support and strength in the fire EMS families is one of a kind!!! 219, patches on the quilt, my aunt and I counted. Thanks everyone for love and support. And the strength. You are all my family!!! Thank you

    Thank you!!!

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