Nothing makes me crazier than reading things like this. The article itself tells a story, the commentarry fuels the fire and the person filing the lawsuit gets the attention.

Somebody filed a lawsuit and made a bunch of allegations. In a sane world, the facts would be vetted, the person making the clain either rewarded if true or fired and ordered to pay the costs of pursuing the claim if untrue.

All the crap in the middle is fodder for morons to pontificate over.



  • Old Jake says:

    I  have not heard the word PONTIFICATE since the days of Russel J, McVinney DD Bishop of Of Providence.   a long time ago……………………lol

  • PGS says:

    I don't know how true or untrue it all is but I am willing to bet that the "truth" is somewhere in the middle.  After reading the complaint, poorly written as it was, I would expect the city, the department and the union to break out the checkbook before this gets to court. 

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