The End

Well, that's enough out of me.

Its been a great ride, many thanks to everybody who made this blog one of the best out there, almost right from the start, September 4th, 2006.

Writers need readers, without the positive feedback I've gotten this thing would have died a long, long time ago. But it didn't die, and thanks to the miracle known as the internet will live for as long as technology keeps it going.

I'll still be here, still pecking away at the keyboard, still telling stories. Those stories have found a market, EMS World and EMS 1 have signed me on the be a monthly columnist, and I've got a few other fish on the line, so stay tuned, and click on over here when you think of it, I'll be posting those articles here along with the links.

If you find you just cannot live without Rescuing Providence, by all means follow the links to the right to Amazon, Paladin Press or Emergency Publishing and buy a copy of Rescuing Providence or Responding!

So; that's it, the end, finito.

"Rescue 1 in quarters and off the air."


  • Northcentralmedic says:

    I had a bad feeling that this was coming.  Thank you for the great stories over the years.  Your writing has helped me through many difficult shifts, and provided endless laughs.  Best of luck to you in the future, you'll be missed!

    • Michael Morse says:

      Thanks Northcentralmedic, I appreciate the sentiments. I'm still going to publish things here, I'm simply trying to put quality things together that have market value. i truly enjoyed the stream of consciousness style i used here for the most part, but found it difficult to write anything I could actually sell!

  • Jackie says:

    Here's wishing you all kinds of luck in everything you do.  You have entertained me and made me think, I'll be checking in to see how you are doing.  Thank you!

  • sarah says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I need my fix! (selfish me that is)
    I will still keep looking as I love your blog, even when it's left me in tears.
    My very best wishes to you and thanks too.
    Take care out there

  • Dan says:

    2 1/2 years ago I decided out of the blue to go to evening classes to get certified as an EMT.  I had no fire or EMS background or experience and only planned on enjoying the bit of knowledge I gained to possibly be of use to loved ones in an emergency.  After buying a military discount ticket to EMS Today that year, I started realizing that there was a nation-wide connected community of EMS in the forms of blogs, podcasts, and magazines, and shortly after returning home — searching insatiably for any further education I could to fill in the gaps my lack of experience provided — I found your blog and immediately made it a part of my RSS Feed.
    I consistently read and enjoyed almost everything you wrote about your experiences and insights, including sharing some of your particularly noteworthy stories to my fiancee because they struck me enough to want to talk about them with someone else.
    After volunteering with a small community FD in Connecticut near where I was stationed for 6 years, I realized that despite how dedicated and hardworking the people there were, I needed conferences and seminars to get a better understanding of EMS as a whole.  That's when I saw you speak at a conference outside Providence (I think a trauma conference…) and was grateful to hear from you directly.
    The blogs that you and others (Ambulance Driver, TOTWTYTR, Happy Medic…well, you get the picture, we all know them!) spent the time and energy to consistently create filled in a huge gap in my understanding and appreciation of the larger EMS and Fire community that a lifetime of me having no experience in that field creates.
    Thanks for your efforts – both in the blog and as a fire and EMS professional, and I'm sure many of us sincerely wish you well in the future!

    • Michael Morse says:

      Wow Dan, that is awesome! I think you saw my first and last speaking engagement, not my comfort zone, that's for sure. It is humbling to know that I had some part in your EMS education, and that makes all of this worth the time and effort, selling articles be damned!

  • B says:

    Oh, hell.  Not this again.  :-/

  • Mr618 says:

    Take care, Cap. Gonna miss ya, but I'll keep checking in periodically. One of these days, I'll get to Providence and we'll have coffee, kay?

  • hilinda says:

    Really?  Reeeeealllly? You're never, ever, going to want to say something that doesn't fit in a column somewhere?
    Congrats on the columns. Looking forward to them already.

    • Michael Morse says:

      Thanks Hilinda, the columns may sound a little familiar to somebody who has been reading this thing as long as you! I actually have new stuff to write about too, I just havent lived it yet. Thanks for standing by!

  • Bill says:

    Thank you. Will keep you in Google Reader, just in case something comes up.
    Be careful out there.

  • BadgerMedic says:

    Thank you Sir for keeping us informed, entertained and humbled.
    I will miss clicking my RP bookmark to see what you've written yet to be read. Godspeed and be safe.

  • Matt M says:

    Thank you. Have an enjoyable time out there, if you can.  I had an enjoyable time here, living your streets through your writing.

  • How in the name of all that is holy did I miss this until now???? 
    Michael – your blog has been a treasure to read and an true inspiration to so many, not least of which, me! I love your writing, your passion and your belief and can only hope that when I've served as long as you have that I still feel it too! 
    Good luck with the new columns – I'm sure you know that your readers will stick with you! 
    It's been a pleasure riding the Providence streets with you – so thank you! 

    • Michael Morse says:

      Thank you, IM, if my blog in nay way inspired the blog “Insomniac Medic” then every minute I spent writing here was time well spent. I hope that your writing inspires somebody else, and so on, and then Rescuing Providence will always be alive. Keep up the great work, you are still firing on all cylinders!

  • Keith "Gus' Grant says:

    Either the fat lady started singing or you got the nod to move to greener pastures. Either way my friend, you deserve a break in the action. God knows you have more stories to keep writing about than you have years left on the job for sure. I touched base from time to time over the years and can relate to all of your stories as we lived them over and over again as brothers in the field. Same stories just different faces, times of day and varying outcomes.
    Stay in shape and clear the farts out a little cause you got much more to share for the enjoyment of others who couldn't live and breath it like us. Thanks for the ride bro.

  • Michael Morse says:

    Thanks, Gus, I always knew you were out there, and kept these stories coming as much for you and the other guys as I did for myself. It's been a great ride, but couldn't go on forever!

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