Whispers from the Eisenhower era

Behind the Patient: Street Portraits by Michael Morse


"The final call, I hope. It's 5:30 in the morning, it's been a very long night, but it's almost over. Two strangers with age difference of 30 years meet in the back of an ambulance, where so much more than EMS happens…"


The first of my monthly columns is up at EMS 1.  Thanks for reading!

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  • Old Jake says:

    Sorry to see you leave this blog Mike.  I just  checked out EMS1.  Its just as gud…….maybe even better.  Knowing that my knuckles still drag on the concrete I'm not sure what that means.  Best wishes on WHATEVER you do.   remember your future is not with Rescue 5.  Best as always.

  • sarah says:

    aw you've got me welling up already, what a beautiful post, I do hope "william" will be ok.
    I haven't got the faceache thing so please keep the links here so I can follow you.
    thanks and hugs,

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