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Fender Bender

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Guess what? Accidents happen. They happen all the time. They happen every day, every hour in every city. When it happens to you, get over it!  People crash. That's it. Simple as that. There's no conspiracy, no agenda, no purpose, retaliation or intent. Yeah the guy who hit your precious little tin can may have been […]

Man Down

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The first week of the month is a difficult time for Emergency Services in Providence, and many other places, I'm sure. The government assistance checks come out on the first, disability checks on the third. The phones at 911 light up as quickly as the checks get cashed, or more accurately, as soon as the […]

Providence Journal Article, Alisha A. Pina

Entry Img Firefighters, city await new class of recruits   50 additional firefighters will help with the workload, reduce overtime costs By ALISHA A. PINA JOURNAL STAFF WRITER PROVIDENCE — Seven rescue calls. One “Code Red” fire that leaves a firefighter injured. A suspicious envelope. And an inspection of the newest area of Roger Williams Park […]

Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men

The situation:   Family Reunion, Saturday Noon-6. Scheduled to work Saturday, 5-7am Also scheduled to work Friday night, 5-7 am Overtime Saturday, 7am to 5.   prioritize planning implimentation   Priority: Get to Reunion Planning: Refuse overtime, use personal day for Saturday night, work Friday night, sleep till two, go to reunion. Implementation: Work friday […]

EMS World

Entry Img Take a click over to EMS World if you get a moment, my latest "Stories From the Street" was posted today. I'd like to thank Nancy Perry and everybody at EMS World for helping to support my hopes of turning this hobby into something more.


This evenings candidates for the Darwin Award….   0100 hrs   "What are you doing?" "I'm drunk." "Why are you sleeping on the Bocce Court?" "Cuz its comfortable." "But what if you get hit with a Bocce Ball?" "Ain't nobody playin Bocce in the middle of the night." "That's because there's a drunk guy sleeping […]


Entry Img   More shots fired in the vicinity a few minutes ago, no victims yet, just neighbors hearing gunfire and worrying. There will be retribution, of that I'm certain. Just last week I was at an apartment next to the place where the three people were murdered. These are not nice places, not happy places, not […]

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