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Noon. Hour 19 of a 38. Sixteen calls so far, long way to go. Adam and I are riding back to the station. "The sun is hurting my eyes." "That's because you lost your sunglasses." "I think something far more sinister is going on." Flashback: Seven hours ago… 0523hrs. Pre-dawn. Dispatched to a tenement house […]


What's with all this wind? Did i miss something? Need to watch more TV I guess.

The Group

He lived in a group home, one of those places that the rest of us like to think about as often as we think about diarrhea and cancer. Kids whose parents gave up on them, gave their offspring over to the state, and let them be somebody elses problem. If it were that easy everybody […]

Credit Overdue

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ER Techs They come to the emergency rooms looking for help, or are brought there by EMS or the police because they need help but don't know it. When they arrive they are treated with kindness, respect and professionalism. They are fed, given a bed and a blanket, a kind word, competent medical care and […]


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We begin most shifts now hoping for quiet. It wasn’t always that way; years ago, thousands of calls ago, we would come to work and hope for all hell to break loose. Experiencing living hell tempers the spirit, and thoughts of heroic rescues are replaced with hopes for quiet. It seems like yesterday we would […]

Positive Thinking

I am living proof that we can do whatever it is we put our minds to. After eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, I woke up, then closed my eyes and got two more!


A few months ago I decided to slow things down here at Rescuing Providence. I also decided that I was better off without Facebook. I'm fairly certain that I have a touch of ADD, if having a touch of that is possible, and also have a bit of a bi-polar streak, so any and all […]

When Seconds Count

  Providence Journal, 2007 When Seconds Count…. When disaster strikes, illnesses arise or accidents happen in the City of Providence help is only a 911 call away.  Or is it?  Far too often when a rescue is needed there is nobody to send.  Providence’s six Advance Life Support Rescues simply cannot handle the volume of […]


I'm a Health Care Provider. People call and I provide. One third of my paycheck helps provide their health care. A lot of people expect that people like me will provide for them. They demand it. They call for it They wait for it. They get it. In seven minutes or less. Never having paid […]

Calling Dr. Bombay

When you were a kid, did you have a dream job? Was there something, one thing above all others that you thought you would ineviatably do when you grew up? I thought I would be either an architect, because I loved Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, or an Ad Executive, because I loved Samantha Stevens, […]

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