I'm a Health Care Provider.

People call and I provide.

One third of my paycheck helps provide their health care.

A lot of people expect that people like me will provide for them.

They demand it.

They call for it

They wait for it.

They get it.

In seven minutes or less.

Never having paid a nickel for it.

It's just there, for the taking.

I don't get it.

I really don't.


  • Old Jake says:

    Its like what one of the candidates indicated, 47% contribute nothing but take the lions share of benefits.  If the government says its OK then it must be……….right?  Too confused

  • Steve says:

    Jake, remember that many of us in that "47% class" worked and contributed our share for many years.  The benefits we receive are nothing less than what was promised us for our labor and contributions.  Until you and Mittens can further quantify the 'dead beat number', please refrain from labeling us all as deadbeats.

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