A few months ago I decided to slow things down here at Rescuing Providence. I also decided that I was better off without Facebook. I'm fairly certain that I have a touch of ADD, if having a touch of that is possible, and also have a bit of a bi-polar streak, so any and all distractions attract me, sometimes for weeks on end.

One thing I've noticed: The less connected I was on-line, the more connected I became at home.

I like being attracted to real people, people who mean more to me than thousands of "friends." The allure of having instant gratification in the form of "likes" and comments is miniscule to the reality of being liked for who I am, not an on-line persona that I am able to make up as I go, editing out all of the ugly parts.

I suppose I have become what I once thought impossible. I'm a writer. I make stuff up. Sometimes I make stuff up so people will like it, rather than writing from my heart, and being honest.

"It is better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self"

Getting away from the daily obsession with Rescuing Providence and Facebook has enabled me to write some things that I am selling to nationally published trade journals. EMS World, EMS 1 and Fire Engineering have bought articles, and published them, and paid me, for which I am grateful. I've submitted different things to different publications, things that have absolutely nothing to do with Fire/EMS and hope to continue to do so, and with any luck will find additional markets there, but more important than that, I will be able to write what comes naturally.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around, I'll be linking any published work here, and an occasional rant or rave-whatever comes to mind and I think worthy of your time.

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