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Mr 618 has been commenting here for some time, always well thought opinions and worthy additions to my sometimes not so great posts. I've often thought, and occasionally said on the blog, "I wish I had said that" after reading one of his comments. It looks like he might be saying a lot more. I […]


I wonder how it feels to have strangers tell you to calm down, have them reach into your pick-up truck and drag you onto a backboard, slap an oxygen mask onto your face and wheel you into a rescue vehicle. I wonder how it feels to be held down by those strangers, have large needles […]


A little break in the action, just in time. I’ve been running since 0700 hours. No downtime today, a steady stream of people needing help. “Without all these people this job would be a piece of cake!” I once joked with a partner. In reality, without all these people there would be no cake at […]

Protection   I do not want a gun. I prefer to do without the responsibility it carries. Being weighed down by a firearm is something I will not do. I have enough to worry about as it is. Related Article:   Should ambulance crews be allowed to carry weapons? I do not want to shoot anybody. […]

20 Years of Ghosts

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I wrote the "Twenty" essay fueled by things that I know shouldn't be allowed into my head, but nevertheless seep in when the attack is relentless. Last year's pension crisis here in Rhode Island, a crisis that is far from being resolved but for now has receded from the public's conscience and subsequently the daily […]

Mandatory Flu Shots

Breaking News         R.I. becomes first state to mandate flu shots for health-care workers   So, the government, in an attempt to protect the citizens of Rhode Island and anybody who visits and needs to be seen by a "health-care worker" has mandated that all "health-care workers" get the "Flu Shot." […]

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