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A dignified death and the day I wish I smoked The tranquil, respectful environment was instantly transformed during this particular call.. inShare   By Michael Morse He was dead. His eyes were open. He looked peaceful. Two friends paced the room, smoking cigarettes, and sneaking glances at their fallen comrade. He died sitting in his […]

Empty Garden

Its not like I didn't have 364 days this year to get everything I need for the Thanksgiving Feast, but here it is, 3:30 on the day before and I'm compiling a list. Wine, beer, gravy, cranberry sauce, figs (yes that's right, figs.) Somehow all of these things, well, maybe not the figs, will be […]

At Home

Many thanks to California Casualty for inviting be to be a guest blogger for their first "Flashpoint" newsletter!   It was weird watching Hurricane Sandy through my front window rather than through the windshield of Rescue 5. It seems as though every major storm that passed through New England over the last twenty some […]

Progress Unimpeded

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Sometimes, they wake up dead. In one of the many nursing homes scattered throughout Providence, Rhode Island, an elderly woman succumbs to her disease. Morning rounds are livelier this morning, as the secretary is instructed to call 911. Ladder 3 is dispatched from the Admiral Street Fire Station, along with Rescue 1. It takes the […]

You’ve Got Mail

Here's a weird twist of fate; shortly after deciding that I had said pretty much all I had to say, and before becoming a parody of what a good Fire/EMS blog should be, I sort of pulled the plug from what once was, if I do say so myself, a pretty good blog. I pulled […]

Last Battle

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…Slumped in a kitchen chair is our patient, an 89-year-old veteran named Joe. Engine 11 has arrived first, and an IV is already established, vital signs taken and high-flow oxygen is being delivered through a nonrebreather. Joe had tried to take a sip of his morning coffee, felt sudden weakness and spilled it all over […]

Firefighters Injured

Entry Img Get well and stay safe! (I "got the roof" on this house twenty years ago, my first as a member of Ladder 7.)

An Old Favorite

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Here's an old favorite, recently published at Fire Engineering!