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Better Moments from 2012

Thank you for indulging me this year by clicking over here. It is a strange world I inhabit most days, and my reactions to it that I get on paper, or screen, can be a bit disturbing. Having read many of the previous years posts I came up with some of my better moments. A […]

EMS Sector

The nightclub crowd had cleared out of the city, all but the stragglers who seem to never leave. The hours between midnight and four go quickly no matter how long you have been working, the radio blows up, fights here, shootings there, drunk people everywhere, and it is our job to put them back together. […]

No Game

How anybody who has played or watched somebody else play Call of Duty can remain ambivalent concerning these depictions of carnage is beyond me. The player is the triggerman who kills hundreds of imaginary people on the way to winning the game. By the time a player is good enough to finish the game, hundreds […]

What Matters

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Try as I may I cannot shake the images of Shady Hook Elementary School from my mind. Add to that firefighters being used as target practice and you get one angry man. I don't want to be angry, don't want to feel helpless as the world that I have helped create crumbles around me. I […]

Firefighters Shot (Presents)

I just read that four firefighters were shot and two killed in Webster, NY this morning. What the hell is going on here?

Bloody Reports

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It must be easy sitting in an office somewhere, reading a run report for a repeat 9-1-1 caller, with another report stapled to it making the case against sending ALS units to care for intoxicated people. Simply rubber-stamping the same old “change of mental status requires transport to an emergency facility” response on the paperwork […]

No Win

Thoughts and prayers to the family of the little one who persihed, and to my friends and collegues who had to find her.   Liz Burke, WPRO News Providence emergency crews responded to 88 Bowdoin Street just after 3:00 in the morning on Saturday for an apartment fire. Acting Fire Chief Clarence Cunha confirms that […]

If Fates Allow

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Loren at I Saw Lightening Fall hosts a Christmas Ghost Story compilation this time every year. 100 words, no more, no less!  The song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas never sounded much like a joyous celebration of the season to me, a little heartbreaking actually. But it did serve as inspiration to this merry […]

Dear Santa

How are you? I am fine. Well, that’s not really true, I am far from fine.

As for me and my house…

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Charles Dickens wrote the novella "A Christmas Carol" in 1843. It has been credited with restoring the Christmas Season to one of joy, festivity, and merriment to Britain and America following a period of sobriety and somberness. I'm battling somberness and sobriety this Christmas time, along with the rest of the civilized world as we […]

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