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That Moment

"Baxter Street Command to Rescue 1." "Rescue 1, go ahead." "I need a count." "One adult, five children in Rescue 1, six adults and five more kids outside." The kids outside were teenagers, too cool to hang out with the firemen. Hmmph. Their loss. We were in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Providence, or […]

Vacant Factory

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"Attention, Engines 10, 11, 3; Ladders 5 and 1; Special Hazards; and Division 1: a still box." I kept my ears tuned to the radio while I chopped some onions, waiting to hear from the 10s. It didn't take long. "Engine 10 to fire alarm, heavy smoke condition." I chopped a little faster. At the […]

Lone Wolf

On Tuesday I sat with hundreds of first responders, FBI, ATF, NSA, State Police, Fire Departments, Bomb Squads, School Principals and administrators and learned all about how to respond to school shootings. It was a fantastic class, taught by two fantastic people, one of whom is a retired Connecticut State Trooper. After eight hours of […]


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Yesterday this, ran on America Online's Homepage. Nearly half a million people viewed it, and lots of those people linked here, and some of those took the time to leave comments on some of the posts. I'm still amazed that half a million people saw the piece, I can't really comprehend that many people, it […]

Like the Fish

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It would have been better if she was what I expected. It would have been a lot easier if she was some drunk, crazy, screaming meanie, filled with booze and hate, fighting with some other girls about whatever it is they fight about. It would have been just another call if she just cooperated, and […]

Semper Fi

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I was still  fired up from the last one, a thirty year old female unconscious, intoxicated, overdosed on tylenol and surrounded by belligerent family members. When one of them, a twenty something shirtless tattooed tough guy refused to get out of the way I had to give him a “little” nudge. The time to show […]

Mouse Trap Revisited

"You were bit by a mouse?" "Right on my foot." "Did you see the mouse?" "No, but I know it was a mouse." "How do you know?" "Because my cat chased him into the box." "Did the cat follow him in there? "No, he didn't fit." "Why did you put your foot into the box […]

Nothing Left

Eventually life on the streets  loses its allure and the cold, stark reality of loneliness, sickness and a wasted life takes hold. The magic elixir, alcohol, loses its ability to transform the landscape from dreary and lifeless, full of unsavory characters to a vibrant place to hang out, socialise with like minded individuals and think, […]

Sneak Preview

This is kind of in hiding on AOL's homepage, next week sometime it's going to be highlighted on their front page. Hope you like it!


Its a beautiful late fall day, temperature a ridiculously beautiful 60 degrees, I've got the radio on, window down and I'm driving on West Shore Road, a two lane quiet little roadway that runs from east to west through Warwick, RI. Theres barely any traffic on this stretch of roadway and I'm enjoying the ride. […]

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