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Nine Questions

Having responded to violent incidents many times during my career, and writing about some of them here, I thought I should post the following well researched and presented information. When on the streets, and a potentially violent situation emerges instinct cannot take over, as people in harms way should know. I have no intention of […]

Ladies Night

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Stories from the Streets: Ladies Night     Sometimes all we can do for our patients is make them feel better during transport She spent hours at the gym, had her nails done, a pedicure, her hair was perfect, and she spent a few hours getting ready for a fun night out dancing in Providence […]

Strange World

So anyway, I'm on my knees, surrounded by naked and semi-naked men, preparing to sink the tube down a guy's throat. My partner is on the other side, pumping away. The only light is coming from a giant TV off in the distance, porn, I think, from the sound of things, but I don't hear […]

Maccoll Johnson Fellowship

The things we do, the things we see, the things we think about – whether we want to or not, find their way from my mind to this computer screen, sometimes onto paper, and sometimes even in book form. I wasn't a writer when I started writing this blog, but now, seven years later I […]

Overheard in Rescue 1

“Are you okay?” “Yeah, why?” “Because you just saw a dead lady.” “I think I’m going to see a lot more.” “Probably.” “So, you ok?” “Does it always smell so bad.” “Not always.” “She didn’t look peaceful, do they always look like that?” “Nah, sometimes they just look like they’re asleep.” “How long was she […]


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I do a lot of reading, and lately a similar theme keeps rearing its ugly head: Arming firefighters and EMT's. I cringe whenever I see a headline, "Firefighters shot," EMS Crew stabbed," Paramedic assaulted," and every combination of those imaginable, and wonder what we can do to stop our people from getting hurt. Best I […]

Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike here, with some free advice: You are called to the projects for a man unconscious. Engine Co. 3 is dispatched along with you. Both companies arrive at approximately the same time, enter the uh…home, climb the obligatory three flights of stairs, secure the Pitbulls, interrogate the zombies that are congregated around a bong […]


I've been doing a lot of backward thinking lately. Before I started working for the Providence Fire Department life was good. The bills were paid, I owned a successful business, my wife and kids were happy and so was I. I'm still happy, and so is my wife, and so are the kids. Only there […]


a new training acadamy starts soon; somehow, The Providence fire Department will survive… "Thousands of people will apply for your job when you leave, get over it, you are nothing special" How many times have you heard that one? Too many is my guess. When a fire department needs people the usual path to finding […]


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We’re returning from the repair shop, driving through the West End on our way back to the North Main Street Fire Station.

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