If my last post, Florida didn't do the trick, this one from Fire Engineering might help warm things up. Stay safe and stay warm!

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We're returning from the repair shop, driving through the West End on our way back to the North Main Street Fire Station. I'm in the tiller cab of Ladder 4, sitting on top of the world and watching it go by as we roll through the roughest neighborhood in Providence, Rhode Island.

Litter flies past us as we weave through the tight streets. Boarded-up houses, rats, abandoned cars, fire hydrants open and running on some street corners leaving pools in the dirty streets for the kids to play in. Coney Island whitefish float to the top of the puddles, and the kids kick them to the curb and keep on playing. It's hot in the tiller cab, ridiculously hot, the plastic bubble windows are behind me, slid to the open position so a little breeze blows by as the ladder truck roars by.

I've got a little speaker in the tiller cab, but it comes in loud and clear:

"Attention Engine 8, Engine 14, Engine 3, Tower Ladder 2, Ladder 6, Special Hazards and Battalion 2, a still box."… finish reading here http://www.fireengineering.com/articles/fire_life/articles/2013/january/flashove-flashback.html

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