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…Ten kids were inside; some sleeping on bare mattresses that littered the floor, some on a couch, watching cable TV on a 42" flat-screen that dominated the room. Milk crates served as seats, cigarettes burned in two different ashtrays, themselves overflowing with butts. "He's upstairs," said the matriarch, forty pounds overweight, greasy long hair, dirty […]

The Journey

I take for granted the things I do that make up most days; starting IV's, administering aspirin and nitro, assessing vital signs, stopping blood from leaving peoples bodies et al, but one of those mundane tasks I'll never think of as business as usual again. Last night, while talking with a group of friends, a […]

The EMS Directive 1-13

Today, as I sat in my office complaining about the people who call 911 for rides to the er because they have the flu, and marveling at the disregard some folks have when it comes to the health and well-being of others, this directive from THE EMS appeared. There are a lot of sick people […]

Something Nutty

It's odd how they come in, droves of MVA's when a crash hasn't occurred in days, multiple difficulty breathings seemingly appearing from nowhere, as if a giant asthma cloud descends at once, which isn't altogether untrue, changes in atmospheric pressure, dew point, relative humidity and other meteorologist friendly terms contribute to mass illness. But its […]

God Speed

We don’t see the crews much anymore, we are out of the equation. The choppers land on the roof, the hospital staff takes it from there.

Old Man Mike

The next time a person or persons places an I-Phone, Razor Rhone, Tracphone, I pad, I ponder, I pee or any other “device” on the table, counter, dashboard, bar or any other flat surface as if it were a part of the conversation I am going to take a 22 oz Estwing framing hammer out […]

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