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Dreams of Dancing

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…The two girls spent the day of the shootings inside classrooms that are located less than 50 miles from Sandy Hook. As I wrestled with my own demons as the events of that day unfolded, running errands, listening to news updates, shaking my head, pounding the steering wheel, ignoring horns as green lights turned red […]

The Station, Ten Years Ago

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Ten years ago, The Station Nightclub burned to the ground, killing 100 people and badly injuring hundreds more. The wounds from that night in this community are raw, healing, but raw. Everybody knew somebody who was there, everybody has a story to tell about a friend, loved one or themselves, and how they just got […]

Providence Fire Prevention nearly non-existent

In 1991, when I began my career with the Providence Fire Department, we had a thriving Fire Prevention Division. Plan reviewers, inspectors, consultants, a command structure and a budget. Now, we have empty offices where those people used to be. 100 people died in a nightclub fire in Rhode Island in 2003. Laws were changed, […]

Fire Prevention?

  Providence, RI, fire inspections years out of date By ERIKA NIEDOWSKI Associated Press /  February 14, 2013   PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Fire records in Providence show that many bars and nightclubs in the city haven’t had required fire inspections in years — and some didn’t have sprinkler systems — despite a nightclub blaze that […]

The Mother (a love story)

She's wandering on Hope Street, a busy street by anybody's standards, no coat, blank expression, forward moving, no side glances, no look both ways, just straight ahead and oblivious. I stopped the truck in the middle of the road. "What's the matter?" I asked. No answer, no sign of acknowledging my presence, no struggle, no […]

EMS1 News

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EMS 1's Humor News might give you a chuckle, check it out here-

Darwin Awards

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  Variety is the spice of life, and the unknown is a big part of the allure of EMS. Never knowing what you are getting into keeps things fresh, keeps you alert and makes things interesting. You have your "real" calls; diabetics, overdoses, panic attacks, asthmatics and the like, and you have your "unreal" calls, […]

Five Stages

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0415 hrs. The tone sounds in the station and the blow lights fill the space with harsh fluorescent light. “Rescue 1, respond to 160 Broad Street at Crossroads for a female with tooth pain.” 1. Denial “Tooth pain? Surely they jest. This must be a mistake. I’ll just lie here, pull the blanket over my […]

Snow Day!

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My world stood still yesterday, nothing to do but dig, and remember. The hum of the snow blower, and the absolute whiteness surrounding me let my brain go on idle for a while, and I took that time to remember old friends like Zimba, who loved the snow. We will meet again old friend, somewhere […]


I'll be home for the blizzard, thankfully, stay safe out there those of you working, and those who are not please remember those who are, and their families who may need a helping hand. I spent many a storm helping others and leaving my own family to fend for themselves. Tough bunch that family of […]

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