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EMS World article: We’re in the basement of a triple-decker in a run-down neighborhood, on scene with a man down, strong pulse, respirations 6 a minute. The house appears abandoned. It’s dark down there, rays of light creep through filthy windows, spiderwebs cast eerie shadows against the walls, mortar crumbles, dust mites abound. The person […]


Entry Img   From where the killing happened to where the healing is is not that far, less than a mile, but worlds apart from the burned out buildings, gang members and thugs to the doors to the ER where people work together, gangs of our own, dressed  in colors: security in blue, doctors in white, […]

Providence Fire Department 49th Academy

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Watch the video then read the post, please The Providence Fire Department, 49th Training Academy. "I'm not a coward, I've just never been tested I'd like to think that if I was, I would pass Look at the tested and think there but for the grace go on I might be a coward, I'm afraid […]

Burning Body, cont.

My wife called to tell me about the burning body firefighters found at a cemetery last night. "Takes a week to get the smell of burning flesh out of your gear. Couple days for it to get off your skin. 'Bout a month before it washes out of your hair. Poor guys." She hung up. […]


So, I'm thinking about my friend's daughter, and how she is deaf, and how she smiles, and laughs and plays in her silent little world, but still manages to touch the hearts of everybody who is fortunate enough to meet her, and I think about her cystic fibrosis, and think about the years in her […]

The guy in the closet

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Rescuing Providence Overheard on da ambalance: "She had a what?" "A nightmare." "A nightmare?" "What, you deaf, I said a nightmare!" "Why am I here." "Cuz she had a nightmare, and her hearts a beatin fierce!" "It was a rhetorical question." "Whatever, she needs to be checked!" "For what?" "Her hearts a beatin!" "As long […]


Its been a long night, the last of three long nights, the shift is over-almost and I lay on the bunk praying for one bit of kindness from the rescue gods. At 0600 the shift catches up with me, I close my eyes and drift…till the tones go off. Not quite sure if I heard […]

One More Time

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Fire Engineering has posted an article about my favorite subject (that would be me.) I had the rare opportunity to be first in and on the pipe after a ten year haitus due to my descision to devote the second part of my Fire/EMS career to the EMS part of the job. In Providence we […]

What’d they say?

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New article at EMS 1 is here …I've yet to interpret a 12 lead in any language but the only one that matters; a linear line with ups and downs…  

Maggie Award Nomination

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My column at EMS 1 has been nominated for a Maggie Award. Yup, that's what I said, what's a Maggie Award? Maggie Awards One of WPA’s primary objectives is to promote the pursuit of excellence among publishing professionals. The tools, training and information WPA provides are designed to improve skills, foster creativity and inspire our […]

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