Maggie Award Nomination

My column at EMS 1 has been nominated for a Maggie Award. Yup, that's what I said, what's a Maggie Award?

Maggie Awards

One of WPA’s primary objectives is to promote the pursuit of excellence among publishing professionals. The tools, training and information WPA provides are designed to improve skills, foster creativity and inspire our members to do their best work. WPA believes recognition is the best way to honor achievement. For more than fifty-eight years, WPA has bestowed awards of excellence to deserving individuals and companies whose work is deemed “The Best in the West” in a wide variety of publishing categories.
The Annual MAGGIE Awards Banquet and black-tie dinner is the most prestigious publishing event in the West. Publishing professionals gather to honor excellence in print and electronic publishing in over 100 editorial, design and promotional and event categories. A trademark of the MAGGIE Banquet is the high-tech, visually creative multimedia show featuring entries from the current year.

Congratulations to all of the nominees, I'm in some pretty good company here!


073 Best Regularly Featured Web, eNewsletter or Digital Edition Column/Trade                  Behind the Patient: Street Portraits

Java     September/October, November/December      Fix This

PoliceOne       Life on the Line with Charles Remsberg

Range              Spring – Winter/Fall      Overnights

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