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Fire Engineering Article pt. 7

Entry Img … This week’s (I wrote this a while ago) examples of how it could be: A diabetic, unconscious in Mount Pleasant. All Providence rescues out; Engine 15 arrives three minutes after initial call. Rescue 1 clears Rhode Island hospital, ETA 11 minutes. We arrive, patient is alert and conscious, BG 145 from a 22, […]

Stories From the Streets pt 10

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"She isn't a bad person trying to be good, she's a sick person who needs to get well."


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It was something I had looked forward to for weeks, and I thought the bombings had ruined that as well,


A couple of douchebags killed and maimed a lot of people a few days ago, killed a cop last night and  critically injured another. The one who isn't dead is holed up somewhere, no doubt planning to go out in a blaze of glory. The good guys have him surrounded, Stay safe, Boston, I'm […]

The Cure?

I get sick when things like Monday's Boston Marathon bombing happen. Literally, I get sick. My head aches, stomach turns, heart beats harder and faster and I just feel sick. My guess is I'm not alone. I've been getting sick a lot lately, and I hate being sick. I've been thinking, what can I do […]

Rescuing Boston

We survive the mundane, seemingly endless calls for emergency medical services, put on our game faces, treat the chronic alcoholics, the diabetics, the dialysis patients the elderly who are looking for little more than a sympathetic ear and somebody to talk to. We do the everyday grind, some days making a difference, some days not. […]

Boston Marathon Explosions

Explosions were heard at the finish of The Boston Marathon a short time ago, people bloodied by the blasts were seen being helped to the medical tents that were set up for fatigued runners. Greg, from Everyday EMS Tips and countless other EMS related endeavors is running the race, probably finishing about now. I'm planning […]

Spring Cleaning

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California Casualty publishes a quarterly newsletter called Flashpoint, it is a great resource and a good read for firefighters and everybody interested in Fire/EMS. (That's everybody, isn't it?) They asked if I would like to contribute a story, I did, and here it is. The rest of the newsletter is excellent, follow the link, you […]

Walk in

We walk in, bringing nothing that will do anybody any harm, just tools to help the sick and injured. In the homes we enter are sick people, physically and mentally. Who those people are is a mystery until we establish contact, and do an assessment, until then we have only our faith in humanity to […]


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By the way, this is a picture of my cousin Rik with Roy from Emergency, a very rare and valuable shot! Everybody sees Johnny Gage, but Roy? According to my cousin who lives close to him, Kevin Tighe is a great guy living his life and enjoying every minute. So, in case you were wondering, […]

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