The Twit

1 April 2013

Effective immediately:

General Order 2013-4-1


To: All Companies;


Due to the influx of social media, and with it the expectations of a new generation and their demand for instant gratification, the following changes in our policies concerning media relations are hereby ordered:

     – All companies shall assign, or be assigned; if manpower warrants one (1) member whose sole responsibility at emergency scenes shall be the Tweeter.

     -The assigned member will be trained in social media as deemed prudent by the Commissioner of Public Safety, and may or may not be able to perform the functions of emergency responder

     -The Twit is hereby granted unlimited access to any and all emergency scenes, including but not limited to Mass Casualty, Haz-Mat and flu-like symptoms.

     -All efforts will be made to ensure the Tweeter, (or Twit) be allowed to perform this vital assignment. Persons in need of immediate life preserving interventions will be kept a safe distance from the Twit so as not to interfere with his communication abilities.

     – Be advised – facts are of secondary importance when communicating messages to the public. A steady stream of clever or self aggrandizing messages is preferable.


Implementation of these procedures is of vital importance. All training not related to The Twit is hereby suspended until further notice. All components of the Incident Command System shall be adhered to.


By order of:


EMS Administrator

City Hall

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  • Old Jake says:

    I'snt the Commissioner of Public Safety, and don't you dare shovel that snow in the street, I'snt he the Chief TWIT?  He would appear to be at this stage of the game.  Please correct me if I be wrong!

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