Boston Marathon Explosions

Explosions were heard at the finish of The Boston Marathon a short time ago, people bloodied by the blasts were seen being helped to the medical tents that were set up for fatigued runners.

Greg, from Everyday EMS Tips and countless other EMS related endeavors is running the race, probably finishing about now. I'm planning on meeting him for breakfast tommorrow morning. My guess is he's in the thick of things, helping people.

Godspeed, Greg and all, stay safe, god willing I'll see you tomorrow.


Three dead, dozens injured. Sad day in Boston.



  • Mr618 says:

    Cap, I hope your buddy is okay, and he probably is in the thick of things, just as you would be (and yours truly too, of course). I don't know if you ever ran into TS, who wrote the blog Other Peoples' Emergencies under the pen name TS. His real name is Jay. He's been working Boston EMS for many, many years, and would probably have been on assignment at the race. If you DO know him, please let him (and your buddy) know that those of us up here in Maine send prayers and best wishes.

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