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Jill, from Badger Transfer Solutions, LLC contacted me through LinkedIn, not to sell anything, rather to simply touch base and say hello, and let me know about her company. I did a little look-see, found the products to be of value and figured I'd help spread her message, and hopefully get a sale of two […]

The Scrub Lady

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New article at EMS 1 is here, thanks for reading, if you do,   …We wheeled the stretcher past the waiting room and reception area, toward the treatment rooms in the back. The lady in scrubs followed. "Would the entire fire department show up for a real emergency?" she asked, no attempt to disguise the […]

No More Pills, No More Pain

He wrote the note on Easter Sunday. "No more pills, no more pain." And then he shot his wife of forty-nine years, and then he shot himself. They were seventy three and seventy, a loving couple beset with health problems, he a bad back and she the beginning stages of Alzheimers disease. They couldn't go […]

The Twit

1 April 2013 Effective immediately: General Order 2013-4-1   To: All Companies;   Due to the influx of social media, and with it the expectations of a new generation and their demand for instant gratification, the following changes in our policies concerning media relations are hereby ordered:      – All companies shall assign, or be […]

Star of Strife

Entry Img EMS Unnecessary! Pizza Delivery! Cup Holders! Refusal Forms! Apparatus Mounted Lawyers! British Aristocrats! Where do they come up with this stuff???

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