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What Good is Dying?

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I am a fireman, not a soldier. My job has its share of risks, but nobody is trying to kill me. Most of the time, anyway. People try to kill soldiers, and are successful so often that we have designated a day to commemorate those who have fallen. In true American fashion, we have turned […]


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I knew the kid was going to die, and I was okay with that. I wasn't prepared for him to live. All of my coping stratagies left the room when he opened his eyes, and mine became a blur. The story is at EMS World.        

Another Close Call

“Rescue 1, Respond to 1835 Broad Street for an intoxicated male at the payphone.” Duty calls. Duty waits. I refastened my belt loosely and hit the pole. “Rescue 1, responding.” We rolled out of the station and into the city. Some folks would have taken care of business first; others may have gone out of […]


The rationale behind this post is based on my belief that Emergency Medical Services are provided by the government and paid for by tax dollars. I am well aware that my belief is outdated and no longer relevant, and EMS is now a business, but that does not mean I have to like it!   […]


Overheard in the back of Rescue 1, during a clean-up. "Piss isn't too bad." "Puke is the worst." "Nah, shit's worse than puke, any day." "Blood is easy, it doesn't stink." "That's why piss isn't bad, easy clean-up." "Old piss is pretty bad." "New shit is worse than old shit." "It's still runny." "Speaking of […]

Still a fireman

I ran into a guy I know while picking up some Thai take-out. "How you doin?" he asked. "Okay," I answered. "Still a fireman?" "Almost done," I said. "Must be nice," said one of the six people at his table. I didn't say a word. "Wish I could retire," said another. "What are you, forty-five?" […]


He’s screaming, she’s screaming, everybody is screaming, blood here, blood there, blood everywhere, nobody put the dogs out, they’re screaming too, the cops are screaming, Christ – even the houseplants are screaming. Just because everybody is acting like monkeys doesn’t mean I have to jump into the barrel, and screaming “calm down” is akin to […]

Sexy Vegan

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Congratulations to Warwick, RI  Firefighter John Halloran for being voted the nations sexiest vegan-next-door. According to the news story, John cooks vegan meals at the firehouse for his fellow firefighters. Having been a firehouse cook for decades, and having experienced the "constructive critisism" when the meal was anything but "hot and alot,"  from my own […]

The New Guy

"Rescue 1 and Engine 10, respond to 1035 Broad Street for a man down." "Why are they sending an Engine company?" asked my partner, a new guy who knew everything. "It's just another drunk." "You'll figure it out." I heard the slight urgency in the dispatcher's tone and knew that she sensed something in the […]

EMS Week, Teamstrong

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What was your best team save? Here's how to enter: 1. Submit a short story (300-500 words) about the moment your team pulled together to save a life or solve a problem. 2. Check back during EMS Week (May 19th through 25th) to see if your entry was selected by EMS1 editors as a finalist. 3. Vote for your […]

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