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The Judge

As in all things, Fire and EMS are cyclical. New people come, learn through experience, get good at what they do, and pass their knowledge to the people who come after them. The seasoned veteran is invaluable in any organization, having the advantage of being both new, and old. New people are just new. But […]

Last Call

I knew the end was closing in, that I was running out of time. Just because I want the party to go on all night does not mean that it will. There are laws, laws that close the bar at a certain time, and laws of nature that shut a person's ability to perform off, […]

Baseball Time!

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Fantasy EMS-ball: Hitting for the cycle Baseball offers one of the purest comparisons — a heady game of technical precision, where numbers and probabilities reign re By Michael Morse Saving lives is anything but a game, but sometimes it’s tempting to consider the work we do from a sporting perspective. Baseball offers one of the […]

Letting Go

Read at your own risk, bad moods equal bad poems. Its a good thing I don't have many bad moods or there would be a lot of bad poems.   Where do the years go so fast, so slow some days are gone in a blink others take forever a moment ends, another begins I'll […]


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"A vat had somehow ignited, while another vat next to it was overflowing." Nothing like an overflowing vat next one that's ignited on a nice ninty degree day to get the heart pumping. But have no fear citizens, the Fire Department will "somehow" put the fire out. Providence Journal Breaking News Fire at Central Falls […]

Blackhawks Exposed

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Okay Sports fans, The Boston Bruins will play the Chicago Blackhawks tonight in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The winner of tonights game will in all likelihood bring the coveted cup home next week, and I'm saying that it will be Monday Night in Boston! Don't let those Blackhawks fool you, yeah they […]

The Top Step

“Rescue 5 and Engine 3, respond to Dorrance at Westminster for an MVC, public bus involved.” “Rescue 5, responding.” Great. A mass-casualty incident to end the shift. How do I know a mass-casualty waits? Just you wait and see. In the 24 hours I’ve been in charge of an advanced life support vehicle in the […]

To Work, or not to Work

We see the big screen TV's, the flashy cars, the designer clothes and wonder, what about me? I don't have those things, well, not all of them, I don't get a check from the government, in fact, I pay for those checks, because I am the government! We take people who aren't sick to the […]

Entitlement and Reality

And speaking of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Every man is entitled to be valued by his best moments." Entitlement and reality are far different entities. While I'm in a scholarly mood, I figured I would mention William Shakespeare addressing reality  in a speech from Julius Caesar; "The evil that men do lives long after them, the […]

Ralph says…

"To know one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." Ralph Waldo Emerson   "Engine 10 to Rescue 1, eighty year old female, respiratory distress, possible CHF.” “Rescue 1, received.” We turned the corner onto a narrow dead end street just off of Broad. The door of the last […]

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