Top Ten Reasons to Write an EMS Book

10. By the time you finish you will probably have learned how to write one

9.  It looks cool on your bookshelf

8. They make thoughtful gifts when you forget to buy a gift

7.  People think you're smart

6.  You can wear a smoking jacket and drink brandy from a snifter

5. Every year you get to read your book and say, "I did that?"

4. If you are freezing you can burn it to stay warm

3. If you are starving you can eat the pages

2. The booze,the  broads and the drugs are awesome

And the number 1 reason to write a book about your EMS experiences: When you really screw things up and the ER doc asks if you are an idiot, somebody will say "leave him alone, he wrote the book, he must know what he's doing!" (even if its you who has to say, "Hey wait a minute, I wrote the book!"


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