To Work, or not to Work

We see the big screen TV's, the flashy cars, the designer clothes and wonder, what about me? I don't have those things, well, not all of them, I don't get a check from the government, in fact, I pay for those checks, because I am the government!

We take people who aren't sick to the hospital and wonder why. Why do they get a free ride to the ER for free medical care when I get a hundred dollar co-pay and drive myself there?

We see the first of the month madness envelop the city, descending on the shops, and lottery machines and restaurants, locust-like dollars deposited into the accounts of a populace that didn't work for it, doesn't appreciate it and squanders it and wonder, what about me? Where's my piece of the pie? How do I get me some!

We do not see what we should. We do not see the empty bank accounts on the second, the empty cupboards and refrigerators on the thirtieth, the closets full of crummy clothes, the fake Coach bags, the absence of security, the lack of a permanent home and the worst void of all – the absolute certainty that the best that can be hoped for in this life is a bigger government check.

There's no retirement planning, no college accounts, no vacation fund, the TV's aren't theirs, they belong to the Rent-a-Ramas, and the Rent-a-Rama men come and take the TV's away every now and then, there is no credit, no affordable health-care, just a dependence on other people to take care of their business.

Self-reliance is a foreign concept, something utterly unobtainable.

I like to condemn those who do not have what I have, and consider them lazy, and less than. I did it, why can't they? I had parents and grandparents who didn't have a choice. They did it or they didn't, and if they didn't, there was no TVs' and cars and pockets full of money on the first.

But make no mistake, the majority of those people who didn't have a choice would have made the wrong one when presented with the option of getting by now, and being reasonably comfortable or working eighty hour weeks for less than what the government was providing. If there were two lines, one for working long hours at hard labor with the hope of improving the lives of the children they did not yet have, or taking the easy road, and taking what the man was giving, and then trying to wheel and deal, and scam and beat the man that kept them down, all the while hoping that their kids would find a way out, I think we would have found ourselves in much the same predicament we are in now – only a generation earlier.

And if my theory is correct, and I'm sure it is, where would we be now?

A generation further into the slavery that is creeping up behind us while half of us work and the other half works at not working.


  • Old Jake says:

    I have to tell you I am pretty pissed off at these low lifes who suck off society.  In april I had to have the rescue called for me.   In 63 years this is the first time this has ever happened.  I remember the days I spent transporting these folks to the ER and I am still pisses.  Well back to my story, becayse of a septic infection I didnt know I had I fell down the stairs, only 9 stairs.  I just could not get up so my wife called the rescue.  ( This is not in Providence ) They arrived and were completely professional and they boarded me up, stabilized the neck and off we went.  I wanted one hospital and they said NO, have to go to RIH.  Riding on a stretcher is really weird.  Alls good so far.  5 Days in hospital and I just got the bill for the Rescue Service……….$2200.00 freakin dollars .  I can't believe it.     
    Pay me no nevermind I am just bitchin but $2200.00   is out of this world.   If Providence could charge half of the folks that use the rescue there would be no financial crisis in the city. 
    There I'm done.

  • Michael Morse says:

    Get well Jake! 2200 dollars? jeez, i should have been an EMT!

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