Blackhawks Exposed

Okay Sports fans, The Boston Bruins will play the Chicago Blackhawks tonight in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The winner of tonights game will in all likelihood bring the coveted cup home next week, and I'm saying that it will be Monday Night in Boston!

Don't let those Blackhawks fool you, yeah they are fast, and tough, and worthy opponents, and the series has been remarkable to this point, and even I am having a hard time hating "those guys," but this is The Stanley Cup Finals for heavens sake, and somebody has to win, so it had better be the good guys, and the good guys are The Boston Bruins!


Just so you know who to root for, here's a news flash from the RPPress:

Icyland: (RPP) Blackhawks spend off season hunting seals

Recent photographs show several members of the Chicago Blackhawks participating in a baby seal hunt.

In the background throngs of Blackhawk fans watch the slaughter while screaming the words to The National Anthem.

Greenpeicee has condemned the seal hunt, and is especially offended by the manner in which professional athletes use their equipment as weapons, crushing the defenseless little furry things with their hockey sticks.

"It is abhorrent," says Pamela Anderson, spokesperson for Greenpiece, and must be stopped. The only way to end this slaughter is for the Blackhawks to lose Game 5 tonight.


So there you have it.

Go Bruins!


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