"A vat had somehow ignited, while another vat next to it was overflowing."

Nothing like an overflowing vat next one that's ignited on a nice ninty degree day to get the heart pumping. But have no fear citizens, the Fire Department will "somehow" put the fire out.

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Fire at Central Falls mill building injures 2 firefighters

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June 24, 2013 2:28 pm
By Maria Armental

Providence Journal photo/Andrew Dickerman

Firefighters and trucks from several Rhode Island municipalities, including Pawtucket, Providence, Lincoln and Cumberland, went to Central Falls to help fight a fire at a mill building on Foundry Street Monday. Firefighters seem concerned about chemicals. When they come out of the building, they are washed down. Heat is also a problem for firefighters. The temperature has reached 90 degrees in Central Falls.

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. — A fast-response medical team has been sent to a Central Falls custom industrial paints and coatings company due to a possible hazardous contamination from a fire this morning.

A critical care doctor, surgical team physician's assistant, and an two nurses from Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island responded to General Polymer Inc. after two firefighters were sent to the Pawtucket hospital, one with chest pains and one with difficulty breathing, according to Victoria Miller, the physician's assistant.

The firefighters are believed to have been exposed to toluene, a colorless liquid used in making paints and paint thinners that that dissipates quickly but could have delayed reaction. Typically, Miller said, firefighters exposed to the hazardous substance, having touched it or having breathed the fumes, would feel a "burning sensation." Other firefighters on the scene had to take decontamination showers as a precaution.

Firefighters responded to the 5-alarm blaze at the 75,000 square foot custom paint company at 59 Foundry St., around 11:30 a.m., Deputy Chief John Garvey said.

A vat had somehow ignited, Garvey said, while another vat next to it was overflowing, raising fears that firefighters may have come in contact with the chemical. It is unclear which vat or whether both contained toluene.

Reported by Journal staff writer Donita Naylor

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