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You read it here first!

Entry Img   11:52 AM EST | Saturday, June 15, 2013 OPINION | COMMENTARY Michael Morse: Magical moments in Bruins hockey               By Michael Morse Published: 15 June 2013 01:00 AM       The basement was cold, musty and, when I was alone, a little scary. A space heater […]

Top Ten Reasons to Write an EMS Book

10. By the time you finish you will probably have learned how to write one 9.  It looks cool on your bookshelf 8. They make thoughtful gifts when you forget to buy a gift 7.  People think you're smart 6.  You can wear a smoking jacket and drink brandy from a snifter 5. Every year […]


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In an old house in the West End of Providence, Rhode Island, a neighborhood that struggles like so many here do, a lady who had lived there for 40-plus years decided to take a seat. She sat in a kitchen chair, but the chair had had it, unable to bear her weight. It collapsed just as […]

The Garden

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The basement was cold, musty and when alone a little scary. A space heater hissed and crackled, hot to the touch, ugly yet comforting. Asbestos tile covered the floor, doors on one side of the room opened to a narrow passageway where the heart of the home sat, called upon to provide warmth when needed, […]

What’s a dog?

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We heard the drumming as soon as we stepped outside. "Dad, what's that?" asked Mr. Wilson. His normal staunch demeanor thrown off by the steady rhythmic pounding. It has been only a month, but he takes his job as second in command of the two man neighborhood watch seriously. "Those are drums," I said to […]


"Am I going to die?" Every instinct tells me to say no. I want to make light of the situation, say something like, "not on my shift," or "no way, there's too much paperwork when somebody dies." I've actually said both of those things a few times, but only when the person who asked if […]

Redemption of an EMS gangster

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…"I was in a gang," I told them. When the laughter subsided I explained. "What's so funny? We were some bad assed suburban kids. Even had a name, they called us the Megalomaniacs." "Who called you that?" "Well, we did, actually. It was a secret name." "The Megalomaniacs? What is that?" "Megalomania is defined as […]

Houston LODD

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A roof collapsed, and they were gone. Four firefighters, just like that.

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