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My article at EMS World is up, check it out here… As always, thanks for reading!

The Spark

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The key to everything is there; without it nothing grows, nothing catches, smolders, or burns

and she did

On a dark city highway, sirens in my ear warm smell of deisel rising up through the air up ahead in the distance I saw flashing lights my palms grew sweaty and my thoughts were grim this is my tenth call tonight there she stood on the offramp thirty feet down if she fell and […]


The internet is a funny place, most of the posts here are well thought out, somewhat moving stories about my interaction with and influence on people I meet and have met during my Fire/EMS career. For the most part, they go unnoticed. Then, I post an off top of my head top 10 list about […]

Community Medics?

Top 10 reasons why I'm no fan of Community Medic Programs 10. I know how to treat and/or transport an unconscious diabetic but do not know much about insulin pumps and how best to maintain proper insulin levels 9. I can revive a person who has overdosed on heroin but have no business counseling him/her […]


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I called Lou Jordan, the man who owns the company that published Responding yesterday looking for a graphic of the book's cover that Books on the Square can use to promote the book event Thursday, August 16th at 7:00 pm. Its always good to talk with Lou, he is truly a legend in the EMS […]

Responding to Books on the Square!

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The book Responding is a continuation of Rescuing Providence. There are a lot of ups and downs during a 72 hour shift with 24 off between four long days, Chapter 4 explores a small part of the dynamic between couples who learn to live apart as part of a career in the Fire EMS Service. […]

Incident Command

By Michael Morse I think there are 16 floors, I can't remember. It's one of the older housing units in the city. A recent makeover helped, but it is tired. A lady called from the seventh floor, history of COPD and a multitude of other health issues. The call was dispatched as an ALS run, […]


Had I not spent over two decades watching "boys" shoot and kill each other nightly in Providence I might join the media circus surrounding the George Zimmerman trial. But I did, and the whole thing should be just another trial, another jury and another sentence. Civil unrest if the jury decides not guilty? Civility has […]

The Fifth

I've been missing, gone for a few years, lost in disillusionment, It took a long time for me to get here, the road to cynicism, sarcasm and despair is not a freeway with no stop signs, no speed limit and no red lights, rather it is a meandering road, plenty of curves, hills and valleys, […]

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