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Citizen Mike

And speaking of pulling over and letting the emergency vehicle pass…the next time one of you yahoos gets behind me and blasts the siren and scares the shit out of me and nearly gives me a heart attack I'm going to pull over, then follow you to whatever "emergency" you saw fit to endanger the […]

Let him go

A chain-link fence separates my doctor's office parking lot from the Rhode Island Hospital ER loading dock. I park my car, hobble out, get a glimpse of my old life as a Providence Rescue 5 rolls past. I don't recognize the driver, and hold my wave at half staff, the realization that I'm old news […]

I had a dream

August 28, 1963. I was a little over a year old. A man made a speech, and they talk about it still. I need to reflect now and then, and keep in mind how things were then. My parents were alive and thriving when black people, or "coloreds" had their own bathrooms, sometimes a plank […]

New Me. Again.

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             New Me     08/27/2013   By Michael Morse At the beginning of my shift, I often give myself a little inspirational speech. "I will take this job more seriously." "I will listen to my patients’ complaints." "I will stop eating everything in […]

Rescuing Wilson!

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We picked up Wilson at a rest stop off of Rt. 395 in Connecticut. He came from Arkansas, born in a puppy mill, sold at a pet store and abandoned when the people who bought him realized that they didn't really want a dog. A wonderful person rescued and fostered him until we found him […]


I stuck the needle into his hand, immediately realized that my first choice was lousy and he was running out of time, pulled the needle out of him and stuck it into me. And I didn't care. It barely drew blood. I wiped the fleshy part of my left hand, just below the thumb with […]

The Few

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The first words in my book, Responding are from Winston Churchill: "Never in the history of human conflict  has so much been  owed so many, by so few." I wrote the book mostly on my daughter's old Gateway laptop between runs, sometimes at the ER loading docks while my partner finished getting supplies and putting […]

Effective rant

If I can do it, so can you. You can figure out what you're doing, and show up with a store of knowledge that can actually help somebody in a crisis. Basic stuff. Give them some oxygen. Recognize CHF from an asthma attack. Stop the bleeding. Don't give D-50 to pregnant people. Carry diaphoretic people […]

John Reposa

Entry Img Thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of John Reposa, and the Providence Police Department. John  was killed Saturday night in Jamestown. I am a firefighter, and John is a cop, but we both worked the streets of Providence for the same number of years, our paths intersecting often, at MVC's, shootings, […]

High Alert

I don't know about everybody else, but I've been "extra vigilant" this week, my speed dial is set to the State Police number they provided and I'm keeping my eye out for potential terrorist activity. Can't wait for the mystery "High Alert" to be over, and our embassies to re-open so I can get back […]

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