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And speaking of pulling over and letting the emergency vehicle pass…the next time one of you yahoos gets behind me and blasts the siren and scares the shit out of me and nearly gives me a heart attack I'm going to pull over, then follow you to whatever "emergency" you saw fit to endanger the public by not using your emergency audible device properly, ie. TURNING THE SIREN ON AND KEEPING IT ON, JACKASS! and when you finish with whatever you found so important to nearly drive me off the road we're going to have a little lesson on how to operate an emergency vehicle properly!

Most people look forward when they drive. We use the rear view mirrors when we're backing up, or changing lanes, or just glimpsing now and then. Flashing lights don't show up in front of us. Sirens do. They give us the few seconds needed do the right thing, because believe it or not, most of us want to do the right thing, such as hearing sirens in the distance, looking around, spotting the vehicle responsible, and pulling to the side and letting you pass. More often than not its the driver of the emergency vehicle who creates his own problems by driving like the lights and an occasional chirp of the sirens makes him King of the Road.

Newsflash-You aint!

There, I feel much better now, thank you and good morning!

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  • Mr618 says:

    We don't use our sirens all the time up here (although our town attorney says we should), but when I'm driving, I hit the woo-woo as soon as I see a vehicle ahead. At the very least, I hit the "manual" button and give the motorist some warning. That said, there are times of course when some moron won't get out of the way. If I've got the siren going (and lights), and the jamoke doesn't pull over, I'll try the air horn (and it's a real one, off the vacuum system). If THAT doesn't work… I fire up the big ole honkin Federal Q. That usually gets their attention.

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